Mother Earth is in our care,
she is the gift of life we share.

Mission Earth

To survive at sea, we depend on each other and our ship the Infinity with all her extensive equipment. Thousands of parts are each serving an essential function.

To survive in our infinite universe the same applies.

We depend on each other and our ship the Earth, with all her extensive equipment – life.

Climate change, mass extinction, pollution

Our lives and destinies are inseparably interconnected by our symbiotic relationship with nature.

Global issues need global solutions.

Only together, as one colorful human family, can we co-create a thriving and sustainable future for all.

Our contribution to this future is emblematic:

The EarthFlag – a symbol to unite us all.


One Flag for one Tribe,
sharing and caring for one hellofa’ planet.

EarthFlag    The Blueprint

The ancient Seed of Life centered on an earth-blue background in the golden ratio.

To remind us that we all belong to one planet as one tribe.

EarthFlag around the world

Mission Earth is Infinity‘s transcendental sea-journey to four cardinal points on Earth. At each destination, we raise the EarthFlag and broadcast the iconic event for our whole beloved, colorful world-family to see.

We hope to inspire a sense of belonging and responsibility for Earth and one-another.

We started in the Arctic, ‘the North’. South is our next stop. East and West will follow.

The North

In September 2018, during a difficult voyage through the Northwest Passage, we docked our ship on Arctic polar sea-ice. We erected a wooden pole, crafted by a Ni-Vanuatu tribe, and hoisted the EarthFlag in ‘the North’.

The South

In 2021, we will once again sail our ship to Antarctica to explore the icy landscapes and raise the EarthFlag in the South. Of course, we will capture our epic adventure on film.

“We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully, nor for much longer, unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common.”

– R. Buckminister Fuller

“Everyone on Earth today is down-wind or down-stream from someone else, so a problem anywhere on the planet, in some ways, is a problem for all on the planet.”

– Houle and Rumage

Support Infinity for Mission Earth

 Our operation is self-made and the preparations for the journey ahead are a huge challenge. Infinity urgently needs maintenance and we lack adequate funding. We can only be successful if enough people come together and fund us. Thanks a million!