Commune afloat

Welcome aboard Infinity Expedition, our sailing commune with children orbiting Earth since 2004. We sail to the farthest reaches of our planet with a flag for unity, the EarthFlag.

When landing at ethereal locations, we ceremonially raise our flag and pay homage to mother Earth and our beloved non-human and human fellow Earthlings.

Along the way, we face and work through a multitude of seemingly insurmountable physical as well as psychological obstacles.

We love our free life on this beautiful blue dot.

Watch us

We capture our adventures on film. The unique social dynamics of Infinity’s patchwork tribe, co-living in the confines of the ship, coupled with the harsh realities of ocean sailing to far out locations is our prime recipe for quirky, exhilarating, and inspirational OTT and Reality-TV content.

New horizons 2024

We are now cruising the Pacific side of Central America, currently Costa Rica.

Our youngest son is turning one and our daughters are eleven and thirteen years old. We will next focus on family, freedom, fun, and filming.

We have openings for another family with children and select individuals to join us.

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