A sea quest for mother Earth

Welcome aboard Infinity

We are a family with children and a cosmopolitan cast of characters on inner and outer journeys towards sustainability.

Liberated by the vastness of the oceans we live on our 120 ft ferro-cement sailing ship, the Infinity.

We sail to the farthest reaches of our planet in search for adventure and pristine wilderness.

Sadly it is not possible to escape the environmental destruction happening all around the world.


We participated and stood by far too long

What can an ordinary captain, crew and ship do to help end the irreversible destruction of Earths’ ecosystems? 

Raise a flag for our planet and call everyone on spaceship Earth to come together!

In terms of the spaceship Earth, the wrong crew is in command, and it’s time for a mutiny.

- Jose Arguelles

“Everyone on Earth today is down-wind or down-stream from someone else, so a problem anywhere on the planet, in some ways, is a problem for all on the planet.”

- Houle and Rumage

Protect nature on EarthToday

Captain Clemens cofounded a revolutionary social media platform entirely dedicated to saving our planet.

EarthToday.com is a community driven social platform based on human curation = to inform, inspire, educate, and entertain people – in order to expand the collective consciousness on planet Earth.

Online from September 21, 2020, World Peace Day.

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