We are wild and free

We are a multifaceted group of individuals cruising the world on our 36 meter Ketch, Infinity. Our quest is finding closeness, freedom and adventure while making a positive contribution to our planet.

Our commune is an ever-changing constellation of characters joining Infinity for extensive journeys to all continents.

Captain Clemens’ family is at the helm since 2004 and Sage and their children Rhian, Chloe and Rafael live aboard.

Next, Costa Rica and Panama

We are currently cruising the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and in a few months, we will continue to Panama. Several families with children and select friends are joining us, several of them for the long term. We will focus on family, film, and our shift to becoming a non-transient community. Learn more about our journey and track us below.

Our ship, Infinity

Infinity is a 36 meter Ketch built from Ferro-cement in California in 1977. She is fully equipped to undertake extensive expeditions with groups of 22 people.

Its been a long journey

Infinity has been with us since 2004. We have since undertaken a multitude of outragious maritime adventures:

  • Infinity was gutted and repaired, new install of engine, systems and interior
  • Pacific Ocean and Southeast Asia explored, above and underwater
  • Infinity operated and supported a variety of research and environmental expeditions
  • Three of Clemens’s children grew up, three new ones where born
  • Antarctica visited twice, in the Ross Sea and the Antarctic Peninsular
  • Americas circumnavigated, West to East through the Northwest Passage
  • Masts fell over, masts got resurrected
  • Several films and TV series’ made and aired
  • Infinity, XL canvas for world class art by Carlito Dalceggio.

Beyond that, Infinity has become home away from home for an ever growing group of beautiful souls. We love you!

Life on Infinity

Together, we try to build a sustainable model of communal living that produces joy, growth and fulfilment, while contributing to a healthy planet.

The intimate environment on board and the demands of keeping people, projects, ship and journey in flow are a big challenge and life aboard requires a high level of self-motivation and resilience to chaos.

We work with touch, Yoga and non-violent communication to maintain a healthy attitude in gratitude. We still have much to learn.

Life on Earth

To survive and thrive at sea, we depend on each other and on our ship the Infinity, with all her extensive equipment each serving essential functions.

To survive and thrive in the universe the same applies. We humans depend on each other and on our (space) ship the Earth with all her extensive equipment, life.

#Crew Not Passengers

We dedicate our expedition to mother Earth. Clemens co-founded several projects to help heal our broken relationship with nature that we support with Infinity.