Experience  an unparalleled scuba diving and sailing adventure

Discover island cultures - immerse in local customs
See the remote wilderness of the beautiful South Pacific Ocean
...All from the vantage point of our 36 meter sailing expedition vessel Infinity.

Vanuatu: Efate – Espiritu Santo

September 27 - October 11, 2015
Vanuatu: Efate – Espiritu Santo
14 days - 11 places left € 980
Vanuatu: Espiritu Santo – Papua New Guinea, Alotau
21 days - 14 places left € 1590

PNG, Alotau, Canoe and Kundu Festival

November 05 - November 10, 2015
PNG, Alotau, Canoe and Kundu Festival
5 days - 13 places left € 490

PNG, Alotau, Lusiades, Rabaul

November 10 - December 1, 2015
PNG, Alotau, Lusiades, Rabaul
21 days - 14 places left € 1680

PNG, Rabaul, New Ireland – Philippines

December 04 - December 27, 2015
PNG, Rabaul, New Ireland – Philippines
24 days - 16 places left € 1490

Southern Philippines Dive Cruise

December 27, 2015 - January 10, 2016
Southern Philippines Dive Cruise
14 days - 16 places left € 1190

“This boat is an adventure by itself! I sailed on this boat for 8 months, from the Philippines to New Zealand.
You are on one of the most fun boats out there on the Pacific Ocean. Amazing people, great sailing and delicious meals (they have a pizza oven) I learned so much on Infinity: diving, trimming sails, navigation etc. If you are willing to learn, the captain Clemens is a pool of knowledge.”
– OLE MUELLER, Germany

The Infinity Experience

We take you to places so inaccessible and off the beaten path that you’ll feel like Scotty beamed you to another planet, but we halt near an airport every 2 to 3 weeks.

Our contagiously positive crew from all corners of the globe create a fun and safe environment while providing comprehensive service with delicious meals on-board daily.

As a PADI and SSI liveaboard dive center we offer scuba diving and apnea courses and certifications up to Dive Master.

But Infinity is not your regular liveaboard diving vessel, charter yacht or boring vacation package. We are the ultimate remote adventure travel experience away from backpacker tourist traps, giving you intimate access to rarely explored islands from the vantage point of the open seas.

Immerse in the adventurous experience of sailing, diving, surfing, hiking and exploring the way you like, with details of the itinerary created collaboratively as a group.You can dive colourful reefs among turtles and sharks, surf virgin breaks, explore rich wildlife, hike rumbling volcanoes, and bathe in hot springs, waterfalls and oceans.

From the day you step aboard to the very last minute of the journey, you are in the middle of an actual globe-trotter experience. Our seasoned, world-traveled crew relieve you of annoying local stressors dealing with transport, accommodation, and the complicated logistics of finding fun and rewarding opportunities abroad. We'll save you money, stress, and time, maximizing your travel experience.

The unexpected is what to expect aboard Infinity.

Would you hike to the rim of a fire-spitting volcano and spend the night dodging chunks of lava falling from the sky? Have you sailed through a storm or follow a pod of whales in the open ocean? Do you long to participate in a Kava ritual and march with the followers of John Frum (google that)? Can you see a newborn island that didn’t exist last year? Will your beach bonfire company tell stories of sailing around the world? Have you been to a village so remote that the encounter is just as exotic for the locals as it is for you?

20 years of stories and counting. What adventure will you have aboard Infinity?