See the remote wilderness of the beautiful ‘South’ Pacific Ocean
Sail, dive, meet the heart and soul of the islands, immerse in ocean wildlife, make friends for life
All from the vantage point of our 36 meter sailing expedition vessel Infinity ~ your home on the seven seas

Vanuatu: Espiritu Santo – Papua New Guinea, Alotau
21 days - 10 places left € 1590

PNG, Alotau, Canoe and Kundu Festival

November 05 - November 10, 2015
PNG, Alotau, Canoe and Kundu Festival
5 days - 13 places left € 490

PNG, Alotau, Lusiades, Rabaul

November 10 - December 1, 2015
PNG, Alotau, Lusiades, Rabaul
21 days - 14 places left € 1680

PNG, Rabaul, New Ireland – Philippines

December 04 - December 27, 2015
PNG, Rabaul, New Ireland – Philippines
24 days - 16 places left € 1490

Southern Philippines Cruise

December 27, 2015 - January 10, 2016
Southern Philippines Cruise
14 days - 11 places left € 1190

Philippines Visayas Voyage

January 15th - January 31, 2016
Philippines Visayas Voyage
16 days - 12 places left € 1190

“I crewed on this yacht for eight awesome months. Clemens is an inspiring Captain who knows his ship and the ocean like the proverbial back of his hand. I was treated like family from the moment I stepped on board and look forward to returning to this yacht in the future.”
- SONJA DIXON, Australia

The Infinity Experience

We take you to places so inaccessible and off the beaten path - you'll feel like Scotty beamed you to another planet.

Infinity is not your regular live-aboard diving vessel, charter yacht or pre-packaged vacation deal. We embody the ultimate remote adventure travel experience, giving you meaningful and intimate access to rarely explored islands from the vantage point of the open seas.

The unexpected is what to expect aboard Infinity.

Hike to the rim of a fire-spitting volcano and feel raw earth power rumbling beneath your feet. Sail through a storm or follow a pod of whales on the open ocean. See a newborn island that didn’t exist last year. Visit villages so remote that the encounter is just as exotic for the locals as it is for you. Share stories of inner and outer journeys through the flames of a bondfire. Wake to the rising sun, sleep under the stars - be a bright light on the horizon…

Join our contagiously positive community.

Sage and Clemens' sea gypsy family from all corners of the globe invite you to our beautiful ship. Children are always present and welcome! Bring your vision and talent, lend a hand and together we create the journey of dreams.

20 years of stories and counting. What adventure will you add to the Infinity saga?

Passion about our sacred planet.

We are eager to further environmental action and awareness. Learn about our conservation projects.
Please contact us if you have a project for Infinity.

We offer free seamanship training and for a fee scuba diving courses and certifications up to Dive Master.

To finance our adventures we require a crewing contribution of 59 Euros/day-aboard (30+ days).

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