The Infinity Expedition is a revolutionary ocean voyage powered by an international community.



We offer environmentally friendly and economical access to some of the most remote areas of the globe, a unique alternative to conventional expedition vessels.

Our ship the 120ft. Ketch Infinity is an unparalleled platform for adventure voyages, scientific research, environmental action, college programs, and documentary film crews.

The ongoing expedition is dedicated to our oceans and strives to promote environmental protection and sustainability.


Current Project


A window into the reality of a changing world… In Fifty Years is a documentary film project designed to capture and share personal perceptions from the islanders of the Pacific. We want to know what changes people are currently noticing and how environmental threats like climate change, overfishing and reef decline are shaping their future.

Beach and Reef Clean Ups

Massive amounts of rubbish wash up on the shores of the remote islands of the Pacific. On Infinity we roll up our sleeves and take away as much trash as we can carry on deck and deliver it to appropriate recycling facilities. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


Infinity is a SSI diving school. Expedition participants can earn dive certifications up to dive master.



I can't find words for how amazing it was. So many nice people, so many islands and beautiful dives, an endless ocean and starfilled skies, empty beaches and laid back atmosphere.

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