When we join our hands together,
no storm that we can’t weather.

The South

Our next destination for Mission Earth is ‘the South’. 

We will sail Infinity from Amsterdam to Antarctica to raise the EarthFlag on the free and frozen southern continent.

We hope to inspire a sense of belonging and responsibility for Earth and one another.

We started in the Arctic, ‘the North’. South is our next stop. East and West will follow.



We are currently preparing our ship and ourselves for the daring voyage ahead.

Infinity urgently needs technical upgrades and repairs and much research and planning are required.

First we are going to Antarctica and then onwards around the world.

The first step is to get Infinity ready in Amsterdam.

Support Infinity for Mission Earth

Our operation is self-made and the preparations for the journey ahead are a huge challenge. Infinity urgently needs maintenance and we lack adequate funding. We can only be successful if enough people come together and fund us. Thanks a million!