The earth, the seas, the sky,
all that walk and swim and fly,
we are one under the sun.

Our family

In its core, the Infinity family consists of Captain Clemens, Sage, Kim, Raven and Chloe. A nomadic family with children living on the ship Infinity

They are joined by an ever-changing cast of characters from all walks of life for extensive journeys to all seven continents.



Captain Clemens

Clemens Gabriel Oestreich has been living at sea since 1995. 

He is a peace-loving pirate with a passion for conservation. Clemens believes that each of us have a responsibility towards future generations to protect our planet.

In pursue of his dream, Clemens co-founded three interrelated initiatives for our home, spaceship Earth, a place where all life matters.

One Earth  ·  One Tribe  ·  One Flag

Bring 50% of Earth into conservation

Social platform to raise consciousness

A flag for Earth to unite humanity

Our lifestyle in a nutshell 

Simple Us

eccentric · intimate · caring · imperfect


play · laugh · scream · ask · cry · touch


helpful · honest · playful · generous · kind


non-violence · loving kindness · self-motivation

“I was treated like family from the moment I stepped onboard.”

– Sonja Dixon, Australia

"Clemens is a great soul, loving and caring, an amazing captain."

– Gaelle Bouris, France

Our community at sea

The sea teaches me:

Freedom ∞ steer a cause or wreck the ship
Sustainability ∞ encompassing limited resources
Intimate relationship ∞ cultivating self-awareness
Ship-shaping ∞ living healthy and clean
Seamanship ∞ becoming a contributing team member

Join our Crew

Does your heart beat brave yet humble in a high seas’ toss and tumble?

Are you inspiring and fun when helping others get work done?

Can roughing it out on rice and beans inspire your most utopian dreams?

Is caring for others with devotion the potion that keeps you in motion?

If all the above describe YOU, click below to continue!

Find videos, blogs and much more about us

Infinity has been on many voyages. You can find several films about us, both for adults and children. For your convenience, you can find everything in one place. Please visit our Infinity page on EarthToday, the social platform Clemens co-founded.