Freedom means responsibility,
adventure involves hardship.

Join the crew

We are glad to meet you here.

We lured you with illusions of freedom and adventure. 

But please remember:

Freedom means responsibility, adventure involves hardship!


Being a crew member of Infinity involves scrubbing decks, closing hatches, cooking meals for hungry sailors and washing laundry in buckets.

Sailing comes with much rocking and rolling, salty sea sprays (even in your cabin) and raising sails at night.

In short, living on a rocking ship requires hard work and is tough. On top of it all, you may get terribly seasick.

Are you still here? 


Community life

On Infinity everyone is family. 

We strive to create a model of communal living that actively makes a positive contribution to our planet. 

We value sharing and caring, loving kindness and a positive attitude.

Our children are always present. They laugh, cry, shout, break things and demand attention. Life on board is intimate and can be intense.

Interpersonal skills are required from all participants. The opportunities to learn are infinite.

Articles of Agreement

We Offer  –  a Bunk on a Ship on a Trip.

We Accept  –  Contributing Crew and Community Members.

Please introduce yourself